Group Classes


Group classes to achieve postural alignment, core strength and increase body awareness in a supportive and non-competitive environment …


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Private Classes


Private classes to address specific needs and create a suitable exercise plan for you based on your aims in the comfort of your home …


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Corporate Classes


Corporate classes to combat the distress of sitting for long periods of time, reducing mental fatigue and so increasing concentration and productivity …


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Techniques to empower you to experience the magic of birth and put you in control …


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Post Natal Pilates


Mother and baby Pilates to get tailored advise on returning to your pre-pregnancy body safely and effectively while at the same time connecting with other mums …


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Home Visit Massage


Massage in the comfort of your own home to release soft tissue imbalances that occur through the over use of certain muscles groups leading to pain and tension …


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Let Soo Pilates be the making of you

We are Soo Pilates and London’s and Suffolk’s one stop well-being and treatment service specialising in Pilates, massage, pregnancy and post natal recovery. We are a lifestyle choice and help people enhance well-being and create a healthier and happier body to live in and love. We believe in person-centred, mindful teaching, whether it is supporting a client recovering from injury, empowering a woman to birth gently or bringing balance to the workplace with office-based exercise.

Contact SooPilates:

t:   07985 427712
e:   [email protected]