Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You’re getting ready to welcome a new baby into your family – this is such an exciting time, right?! Feeling like there is so much to celebrate right now or perhaps overwhelmed with the contradictory information that’s out there regarding pregnancy, birth and recovery? I believe every pregnant woman deserves to know what really matters when it comes to preparing for birth, whether you’re a first time mama or a mama who wants things to be better/different this time around.

I’m on a mission to help every pregnant woman feel fit, healthy, strong and confident throughout pregnancy and birth, to empower her to the skill of knowing her body and connecting with her baby intuitively. I believe that pregnancy doesn’t have to be dominated by anxiety and fear, but with intentional action and the right support a positive birth experience is totally possible. Every mama to be out there can feel confident, calm, and strong as she approaches birth. Pregnancy shouldn’t be guesswork, let me help you to put things straight and prepare for birth with pregnancy research based exercise training and the knowledge needed to be in control mentally and physically.

All content is ONLINE.

Videos are the perfect length to fit in with your busy life.

6 x concept classes focusing on

  • strengthening key muscles for pregnancy and labour
  • releasing postural tension
  • self-healing pregnancy ailments
  • breathing & relaxation techniques
  • stretching and mobilising
  • empowered choices

Live support in a dedicated Facebook group

Book your early bird discount £94 instead of £144 until Monday 28th March on the Vitality Mama Pregnany Wellbeing Course here.

Unlike other pregnancy courses, Vitality Mama is so much more than pregnancy specific exercises. I have developed a tried and tested programme my mamas have called a revelation, feeling in control of their body throughout their entire pregnancy and confident and powerful during labour.

Here’s the thing, you’re not just along for the ride, you’re driving this vessel. Don’t rely on genetics and hopefully the draw of the luck, start the journey of mamahood with Vitality Mama. I feel from the bottom of my heart every pregnant woman DESERVES

  • to feel amazing and pain free during pregnancy
  • to feel like her best self
  • to feel in control of her body, pregnancy and birth
  • to enjoy and not just endure her pregnancy
  • to understand her changing body and work with it not against it
  • to know how to avoid, prevent and manage pregnancy specific conditions
  • to feel empowered to make her own choices

Vitality Mama is for you if you want to get 100% clear on:

  1. knowing what really matters when it comes to preparing for pregnancy, labour and birth
  2. learning techniques to deal with every phase of pregnancy – from morning sickness to back ache
  3. knowing how to care for your pregnant body
  4. approaching the birth process with strength and confidence instead of fear and stress
  5. releasing postural tension and learning techniques to improve your posture and alignment
  6. increasing energy levels
  7. nourishing the body throughout the entire pregnancy with pregnancy specific nutrition
  8. building key muscles for labour
  9. strengthening pelvic floor muscles and when and how to release them
  10. relieving common aches and pains
  11. maintaining core connection and protecting ab muscles from diastasis recti
  12. preventing pelvic floor injuries
  13. eliminating stress incontinence – sneeze/cough/run/jump-pee
  14. using breathing techniques to prevent/manage diastasis recti
  15. preventing vaginal tearing
  16. learning tools and techniques to manage and eliminate pelvic girdle pain
  17. learning breathing techniques for labour
  18. learning soft tissue self-release techniques
  19. positioning baby for birth
  20. understanding the different positions baby can be in and what that means for delivery
  21. knowing different labour interventions – pros and cons
  22. learning techniques to push effectively
  23. staying connected with your baby as you prepare for and go through the birth process
  24. conditioning your body for an easier and faster post-natal recovery


Tina Engelmann
Founder of Soo Pilates & Instructor

I’m Tina and the founder of Soo Pilates, your one stop well-being and treatment service specialising in  Pilates, massage, pregnancy and post-natal recovery. My team and I are a lifestyle choice and help people enhance well-being and create a healthier and happier body to live in and love. We believe in person-centred, mindful teaching, whether it is supporting a client recovering from injury, empowering a woman to birth gently or bringing balance to the workplace with office-based exercise.

With extensive knowledge and experience of working with the pregnant and post-natal population, I realised that this is an area where my passion lies and really is my most authentic calling when i experienced various issues during my first pregnancy. This made me delve deeper into pregnancy care and post-natal recovery. At 42 I’m expecting my second child and my Vitality Mama programme has turned this pregnancy into a totally different experience. I have recovered from two pelvic organ prolapses, urinary incontinence issues and diastis recti and am loving being pregnant now and feel calm, in control and totally confident about birthing my baby.

My mission is to provide pregnant women with real solutions for their most pressing concerns, I am passionate about the care I give and enjoy nothing more than empowering my Mamas through their journey to mamahood.

Book your early bird discount £94 instead of £144 until Monday 28th March on the Vitality Mama Pregnany Wellbeing Course here.

Guest Speakers

Olivia Shakespeare – Nutritionist
You can find out more about Olivia here:

Claire Jacobs – Women’s Health Physio
You can find out more about Claire here:

Emma Nicolau – Osteopath
You can find out more about Emma here: 

Who is Vitality Mama for?
Any pregnant woman who is ready to start preparing her mind and body for every phase of pregnancy and birth. There are some pregnancy conditions that will require medical consent for you to exercise and a few that mean that you should not participate in exercise. We will send you a health screening form to complete and this must be completed before you get going with Vitality Mama.

How is Vitality Mama delivered? What kit do I need?
You need a computer, laptop or phone and internet connection. The full content is available on the 15th April 2019 on part or full payment for the course. You will need a mat or towel for the exercise part. Small exercise equipment is optional, such as a birthing ball (you could use a chair for some of the exercises instead), thera band (some of my clients use an old bra instead!), overball (any ball will do) and foam roller. All of the above are easily available with major online retailers and well worth the investment.

When can I start the Vitality Mama programme?
You can join Vitality Mama from 13 weeks. You can then give yourself the second and third trimester of your pregnancy to physically and mentally prepare for birth and recovery. If you get into good alignment and movement habits early, you’ll totally bypass many of the typical pregnancy symptoms.

Will it be too late to get the programme if I’m in my third trimester?
We always recommend investing in Vitality Mama as early as possible, but you still have time to make a difference. I got messages from women who’ve started my live pregnancy wellbeing courses in the last weeks of their pregnancy and have gotten great results – their pregnancy symptoms had disappeared, they had shorter than expected labours and they had easier recoveries. Plus, you get lifetime access, so if another little one comes along, you’ll be all set!

Will this be too intense for me if I’m feeling out of shape?
You’re approaching an intense physical challenge, and it’s time to begin building the muscles you’ll need for pregnancy, birth and recovery! VitalityMama is not an intense exercise program. I teach restorative exercise practices that are Pilates based and are gentle on your body (while still being super strengthening!) and I offer lots of modifications. Vitality Mama is so much more than exercise videos. Our programme is a one stop prenatal shop to prepare not just your body but your mind for a a stronger, easier and more confident pregnancy, labour and recovery.

Will the programme be suitable if I’m still dealing with issues from previous pregnancies?
Totally! I’ve helped dozens of women heal and manage issues from previous pregnancies—like joint pain, severe abdominal separation, and prolapse.

Is Vitality Mama only for vaginal births?
I support all my mamas a 100% and while some of the videos and resources are focused on the specific demands of a vaginal birth, Vitality Mama also offers videos and resources that focus on things that every pregnant woman needs (alignment training, core connection, etc).

Will I be well supported on this programme even though it is delivered online?
YES, you will, 100%. There will be an associated Facebook Support Group which will give you directly daily access to the tutor and guest speakers and all of your fellow Vitality Mamas.


“I decided to enroll in the Vitality Mama programme for a few reasons. Firstly, with it being my first pregnancy I was anxious and overwhelmed and had this feeling of not being totally in control. Secondly, I wanted a more holistic approach to my pregnancy and was looking for something more than just the regular NCT type information. Vitality Mama covered everything from pregnancy, birth options and not to mention that importance of nutrition and wellbeing for the mother. I feel this course prepares you both physically and mentally and has calmed my nerves about being a first time Mum. I now feel more relaxed and can finally enjoy my journey through pregnancy and beyond.”