Whether you are a first-time mum or if you have given birth before, if you have any fears about giving birth, but really want to make this experience a positive one, then you have found the right place to prepare you and your birth partner for a clam and relaxed birth that puts you in control.

Soo Pilates offers antenatal courses, with a strong focus on hypnobirthing in West and North West London.

As a mother of one who used hypnobirthing techniques for her pregnancy, I strongly believe that, if you have a ‘low-risk’ pregnancy, there is absolutely no need for you to be fearful of your birth; that labour doesn’t have to hurt; and that you can have a natural birth without unnecessary medical intervention.

If you have been classified as ‘high-risk’ you too can also benefit from hypnobirthing techniques. Mothers who are induced or who need to have a Caesarean Section can also have a positive, calm birth experience.

Our complete in-depth antenatal programme is designed to release fear and negativity that often surrounds pregnancy, labour and birth, build confidence and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need for an easier, more comfortable positive birth experience. It is logical, simple and very effective. By simply understanding what happens to your body during labour, learning how to remain relaxed and following the breathing and visualisation techniques, you too can experience a wonderful birth.

Our classes are for you and your birthing partner. They put you in charge so your baby will be born calm and alert as nature intended, able to bond with you quickly, and settle into healthy sleeping and feeding patterns. They are fun and informative and there is no pendulum in sight! The ‘hypno’ bit is all about relaxation.

Fear is the enemy of relaxation and releases the hormone called adrenaline that slows, and can ultimately halt, the progress of birth. When we are able to release fear and tension through relaxation, our bodies produce endorphins – the ‘feel good’ hormones. These hormones inhibit the production of adrenaline and stress hormones, thus allowing you to achieve a shorter and more comfortable birth for yourself and your baby. As Hypnobirthing parents you learn how to achieve this state through breathing and relaxation techniques which enables you to work in harmony with your body and your baby.

A Soo Pilates course gives you and your birthing partner practical skills to assist, not only in childbirth, but throughout pregnancy and post-birth. It empowers you to feel prepared and confident about the birth and to build a close bond with your unborn child.

Soo Pilates offers group hypnobirthing and relaxation classes in West and North West London and one-to-one classes across London to help expectant mums and their birthing partners prepare for a positive, relaxed and confident birth.

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Some Testimonials:

It was like a dream giving such a natural birth to my son. I still can’t believe how fast and in the first stages how painless it all happened. It was the most natural way to give birth to my baby that I could have dreamed of. No drugs, no interruptions by any monitors or anyone. Thank you & Hypnobirthing!

Tammy – Crouch End

I can’t think of anyone more devoted to sharing her knowledge for having an amazing birthing experience than Tina! A very special person with a beautiful heart.

Amy – Hampstead

Tina is a beautiful woman who helps to inform and empower you so you can approach your birth confidently.

Her course allowed my husband and I a beautiful space to learn, ask questions and get excited about the arrival of our baby without the fear that is so often encouraged in everyday society. My husband felt calm in the knowledge that our decisions were informed and allowed him to confidently support me during the birth.

I delivered our baby without drugs, calmly and confidently despite so much of our birth plan having to be changed at the last minute – I know this would have been an entirely different scenario had we not had Hypnobirthing and Tina for support.

Vera – West Hampstead

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