Post Natal Pilates

Attending a Soo Pilates post-natal class is a fun, social and motivating way of starting exercise after child birth. Meet other mums and get tailored advice on returning to your pre-pregnancy shape safely and effectively.

We love working with women at this wonderful time and are committed and passionate about giving you the tools for a healthy mumhood. We have experience in supporting new mums with a range of post-natal conditions including sacro-iliac problems, Pelvic Girdle Pain, pelvic organ prolapse or weakness, general back pain and diastasis recti. If you have had any specific problems postnatally you might be best to start with some private classes before moving into a group situation. Call for an informal chat and we can decide what will best suit your needs.

Our classes are for mums and babies, however the focus is on you! Pilates is very beneficial at this time as it is all about bringing it back together, pulling it back in. Enjoy regaining stability and strength, increase energy levels and learn techniques to support your posture and every day activities with your baby.

Babies are welcome along too. We set the room up to include bouncy chairs and mats so you can have your little one beside you. We are more than happy to hold and cuddle babies who need some attention, so you can do your exercise.

If you feel your body isn’t yours anymore, our post-natal Pilates course will help you to reconnect to it. We will work from the inside out activating your core and pelvic floor to restore function and strength using breathing, movement and resistance using thera bands and other small equipment.

If you are looking for individual attention with sessions tailored specifically to your needs and goals at a time and place that works for you – then this is for you! We have a great team post-natal exercise specialists to work with you.

We come to you taking the hassle out of traveling to a gym or studio. You can either choose to be in the comfort of your own home or we can meet you at your local park. All equipment is provided during the sessions and you will also receive customised workouts so you can practice your exercises in between sessions.

Let Soo Pilates and our post-natal wellness specialists help make this special time an empowering journey by developing strength, confidence and alignment in a friendly and supportive environment. Be the strongest mum you can physically be!

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Some Testimonials:

My friend and I tried Tina’s Mother and Baby pilates class in Crouch End when my little one was a few months old. It really helped my back issues and strengthening my non-existent core.

I found it invaluable but also a lovely way to spend an hour with Lola and the other mums and babies. The small class size means you get great teaching, often one-on-one and she tailors everything to the individual. Plus she is amazing with the babies. My only reason for leaving was having another baby and moving to East London.

Helen – Alexandra Palace

I attended Tina’s mother and baby pilates classes once per week for about a year, when she ran them in North London. She is an excellent teacher and I felt much stronger then than I ever have. She is really laid back with all the babies around and is very good at tailoring the exercises to the various post-natal circumstances of the group (e.g. gentle where required, more challenging for anyone who is physically ready for it and never forgetting the pelvic floor!). I just wish she still ran the classes in North London as I haven’t found any that are quite as good as Tina’s.

Roisin – Crouch End

I’ve always wanted to get to grips with Pilates but found that something about my technique left me with back or neck pain.

Tina’s class was great and things finally clicked for me! She makes little adjustments to your poses to make sure you’re doing them correctly and actually explains what you should be doing.

The class worked really well with little ones in tow – if ever they started to get upset Tina was quick to pick them up and carry on the demonstration – child in arms!

I just wish she was still teaching in North London!

Rachel – Crouch End

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