Easier, stronger and more confident pregnancy, labour &
birth workshop

We will be looking at pressing pregnancy questions, such as breathing in labour, how to avoid tearing, pelvic floor engagement and release, how to bring baby into an optimal position to name a few and then apply these principles to pregnancy specific exercises/movement.

I believe every pregnant woman deserves to know what really matters when it comes to
preparing for birth that pregnancy doesn’t have to be dominated by anxiety and fear, but with intentional action and the right support a positive birth experience is totally possible.

The workshop is suitable for all trimesters, it’s never too early or too late to prepare for the amazing experience that birth can be!

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Sunday 26th May 2pm – 4pm – £30

Penny Jones Pilates
Suffolk Food Hall
Peppers Lane

Saturday 1st June 2pm – 4pm – £30

Pilates Works 4 U,
The Pilates Studio,
Kersey Mill,

“As part of her commitment to overall health, Tina is also a very effective masseuse (capable of putting a lot more weight in than you’d credit for her size!), which builds on the understanding of your physiology to really deal with your aches and pains.

I have a recurrent back issue and between the Pilates class and the massages she’s really helped me get a handle on it and prevent any more flare ups.”

Pete – Islington