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Increase staff production, reduce stress levels and sick days and ensure the well-being of your staff by offering Pilates in the office!

Many companies are now recognising the benefits that can be achieved through encouraging exercise, providing relaxation opportunities and improving the overall well-being of their employees. Through initiatives such as subsidised gyms, exercise programmes and healthy eating programmes, employers are typically seeing a return of £3 for every £1 invested in health initiatives (Personnel Today, 2014).

Since the recognition of its effectiveness, Pilates has continued to grow in popularity. Movement is fast becoming a necessity in people’s lives due to the sedentary nature of many of our work environments and lifestyles. Pilates in the workplace is an excellent way to help you and your employees benefit from movement.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • It is recognised as a safe and effective form of exercise by health professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths
  • The exercise programmes can be adapted depending on the type of work the employee carries out – be it manual or non-manual work
  • The benefits of regular Pilates practice include reduced back, shoulder pain and postural related pain by increased postural awareness and correction
  • Reduced risk of injury and claims
  • Relaxation and improved body awareness assists in reducing stress levels and increasing overall well-being
  • Higher team morale
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Low intensity activity, thereby making it an easy programme to implement in a lunch hour.

Pilates is ideal for the workplace because it can be practised by almost anyone and can be done almost anywhere, space permitting. Each class is individually tailored specifically to the needs of those participating in the program and their work environment, allowing for safe and appropriate exercises to be performed.

Education and awareness is the key for you to take charge of your body enabling enhanced strength, flexibility and centring. To introduce Pilates to your organisation, we propose to offer the following classes:

  • A free taster class to give people an idea of what Pilates is about
  • Six week – Beginner’s level – no prior knowledge of Pilates required, focusing on principles of Pilates and developing core strength and postural awareness.

Each class will be 45 to 60 minutes (to be agreed). Some organisations subsidise the classes, whereas others provide room and employers pay for themselves. It’s up to you what’s best! Improved fitness does not happen overnight and for this reason the classes are offered in blocks of 6 following the taster class. Bookings will be handled directly by Soo Pilates, keeping your involvement to a minimum. Small equipment is provided, however participants will need to bring a mat.

All our Pilates instructors are fully qualified and chosen to fit the needs of your organisation.

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Some Testimonials:

I have found Pilates has really helped to improve my posture and to teach me techniques for how to relieve tight shoulders and neck which everyone who is desk based can suffer from.

As a qualified sports massage therapist she is great at explaining the benefits of the exercises she gets us to do and is always focused on making sure we adopt the correct technique.

The classes are fun, effective and varied – definitely a friendly environment and we generally see a good mixture of males and females.

Hina @ Miller Insurances

Tina runs a great weekly Pilates class at our office that I’ve been going to for the last three years. As pretty much the only guy it would be easy to feel pretty awkward but Tina is relentlessly cheery, the vibe is always welcoming and I’ve ended up making friends in the building that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Her classes focus more on good posture and effective form than plain old sweaty aerobic fitness and are all the better for it in my opinion. She takes an interest in each student’s body issues and goals and is careful to tailor each class according to whoever’s showed up on the night.

As part of her commitment to overall health, Tina is also a very effective masseuse (capable of putting a lot more weight in than you’d credit for her size!), which builds on the understanding of your physiology she gains from the class to really deal with your aches and pains. I have a recurrent back issue and between the class and the massages she’s really helped me get a handle on it and prevent any more flare ups.

Pete @ Ketchum

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