Pregnancy Massage

Soo Pilates invites mums all over London to indulge their changing bodies in a relaxing pregnancy massage that helps them enjoy the beautiful gift of motherhood. We specialise in treating and supporting women throughout each and every trimester with professional massage treatments at the comfort of your home.

As a woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy, aches and pains and emotional strain are common. Massage therapy during pregnancy is proven to be highly effective in helping you relax and deal with pregnancy related symptoms.

Here is just a taste of what you can expect from a Soo Pilates pregnancy massage:

  • Relief from Neck, Back, and Shoulder pain
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety
  • Physical and Mental relaxation
  • Improved Sleep
  • Elimination or Reduction of Swelling around the feet, ankles and face
  • Pain Free legs and arms
  • Mental Clarity

Our pregnancy massages provide you with a rejuvenating treatment.

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Some Testimonials:

The pregnancy massage I had with Tina was the best massage I have ever had.

OMG I wish I had of started coming sooner to you!

Charlotte – Crouch End

From the moment I laid down for my massage I felt in heaven. After an hour of pure bliss, I felt so relaxed in my muscles and body and so positive mentally as you said a few words of encouragement about my labour that I needed to hear.

Jen - Kensington

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