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Enjoy a treatment in your home, without battling traffic or London weather, then being able to relax in your own surroundings after your massage.

Soo Pilates offers home visit massages in West and North West London.

Our treatments are of a no-nonsense approach and deal directly and efficiently with the body’s soft tissue.

Regardless of your age or fitness levels, benefits include:

  • Improves joint mobility and muscle tone
  • Improves posture
  • Relieving stress, tension headaches, insomnia and anxiety
  • Muscle balancing in rehabilitation / pre and post event work
  • Relief from muscular discomfort during pregnancy
  • Help with growing pains in children and teenagers

All treatments are designed around your specific needs. You can expect a tailor-made session every time, whether you have an injury to treat or just need to relax.

We will recommend post-treatment self-care and our philosophy is to treat the cause of your tension, not just the symptom. You are in good hands with a Soo Pilates therapist.

Here is some information about our pricing structure;

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Some Testimonials:

Tina runs a great weekly Pilates class at our office that I’ve been going to for the last three years. As pretty much the only guy it would be easy to feel pretty awkward but Tina is relentlessly cheery, the vibe is always welcoming and I’ve ended up making friends in the building that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Her classes focus more on good posture and effective form than plain old sweaty aerobic fitness and are all the better for it in my opinion. She takes an interest in each student’s body issues and goals and is careful to tailor each class according to whoever’s showed up on the night. As part of her commitment to overall health, Tina is also a very effective masseuse (capable of putting a lot more weight in than you’d credit for her size!), which builds on the understanding of your physiology she gains from the class to really deal with your aches and pains.

I have a recurrent back issue and between the class and the massages she’s really helped me get a handle on it and prevent any more flare ups.

Pete, Islington

Tina is an excellent masseuse. She has helped me enormously since she began visiting me on a regular basis. I really look forward to her sessions and know that my body will feel better and work more naturally afterwards.

It can be a little worrying going to a new therapist. But it was clear from the outset that Tina had the training, experience and knowledge to make me feel confident that I was in safe pair of hands.

Maggie, Notting Hill

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