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Private Pilates classes are perfectly tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle and are arranged in your home or office at a time convenient for you. This type of class is all about you and only you. The Soo Pilates team is highly qualified and experts in their field, so you’ll have the benefit of all their knowledge and experience in re-programming bodies

Suitable for individuals, couples and small groups, we put together a workout aimed at correcting postural imbalances and compensation patterns which may be causing you pain and holding you back from achieving the strength and tone you would like in certain areas.

New exercises will be layered into every class so you will always be building on what you have learnt and progressing through the work and so further your skills both in group classes and at home.

We are covering all London postcodes and instructors are matched to your needs.

Here is some information about our pricing structure;

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Some Testimonials:

For the last 4 years once a week my kitchen becomes a Pilates studio, Tina teaches myself and three friends.

We love our sessions, Tina has lots of techniques for whatever we need, and can adapt to different strengths and abilities within our class. The passes quickly, I always feel better and when I miss a week I really notice it.

Polly, Victoria Park

Tina is an amazing Pilates teacher. I started 1-2-1 sessions with her after I had had abdominal surgery. I felt very safe during the classes.

She really looks at your body as a whole and the exercises were always appropriate for my ability. As I got stronger the exercises became more challenging. Her classes are always fun and educational. I’ve learned so much about Pilates and my own body and it helped me became more body aware.

I highly recommend Pilates with Tina.

Roula, Clapton

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