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Slow and controlled movements, designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles and improve core strength. Emphasis is on alignment, good technique and movement synchronised with breath. Pilates improves postural and physical habits and teaches more efficient movement patterns.

We offer a selection of group matwork classes, where you will work on the mat with small equipment, such as thera bands and overballs. Small groups guarantee everyone receives individual attention and exercises will be tailored to your needs.

Classes can complement current training or rehabilitate you from injury. We will monitor your progress and give you functional exercises, that you can take out into your everyday life.

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Some Testimonials:

Whilst making sure she covers the basics everyone will benefit from, Tina tailors each class to what individual participants most need that day – whether that’s a good stretch or a killer abdominal workout!

She keeps her classes small enough to make sure everyone is doing the exercises properly, in a safe and beneficial way. Tina never makes anyone feel left out because they can’t physically manage a particular exercise – she’s flexible, thinks on her feet and always can suggest a modified or alternative exercise to enable anyone who has an injury, is pregnant or who just isn’t feeling great that day to join in.

Tina is a real human being, who doesn’t adopt the voice of an automaton to run through a standard set of routine exercises the second she starts teaching. She communicates the whole way through – both collectively with the group and with individuals on a personal basis – to make sure everyone gets as much as possible out of the class. What a breath of fresh air!

Amanda, Crouch End

I have found Tina to be a fantastic teacher – clear, friendly and approachable.

The classes cater to all levels of ability and provide a useful focus on how to enjoy the benefits of Pilates for day to day postural/muscular challenges, covering everything from achy shoulders after long hours desk bound to stretches for runners and mums to be.

I walk away from Tina’s class feeling refreshed and energised – a great way to spend a lunch hour!

John, in The City

I can confidently say that over the last 3 years Tina’s and Esther’s teaching have saved my body from serious mid-50’s disrepair. They are both unfailingly supportive, friendly, patient and they know the needs of each individual client. I have more energy, feel less tired and am stronger and more flexible than I was before (long way to go to catch up with the most flexible people!).

I previously suffered from many years of ill health and, before I begun the classes, a partially slipped disc. The illness has not resurfaced and the back pain not reoccurred since I started the weekly beginners class. They are both super knowledgeable about the workings of the body and passionate about the benefits Pilates.

Fran, in Bethnal Green

I’ve known Tina for 10 years now. She was one of my first Pilates teachers when I took up Pilates because of back pain.

What I love about her classes is that she is very hands-on. Her corrections are spot on thanks to her training as a massage therapist which are very helpful if you’re just starting to learn about correct body alignment. Also she is not afraid to work you really hard but without straining the body and she doesn’t let you get away with a bad technique either! Her exercises are very functional and she’s wonderful at explaining the benefits of each exercise and how to incorporate them into your daily life. Her bubbly personality and passion for Pilates and human body shines through when she is teaching.

She has inspired me to become a Pilates teacher as well. I would highly recommend her as a teacher and a therapist.

Ivona - Shoreditch

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