No ifs, just great butts!

A workshop dedicated to your gluteals – your butt! The biggest muscle group in your body, your gluteals play a hugely important role in lower limb stability. For those of you with foot knee and hip issues, this workshop will give you some fantastic exercises to strengthen your derrière, who is often the culprit when it comes to the aforementioned ailments.

We will look at ways to release muscles that inhibit glute function and then at exercises not just from Pilates to make this powerful muscle group switch on. You will feel a burn in those cheeks that might last a few days, but do not worry I will equip you with some stretches you can easily do at home.

Contact SooPilates to find out more and to book your place(s) at the workshop.

Saturday 10th October 10am – 12pm – £26

Pilates Works 4 U
Kersey Mill

“I loved my one to one sessions with Tina. I learnt a lot about my posture, mainly what I can do to improve it. I also felt and saw real results after my first session. Pilates is now an integral part of my life and it’s such a great way to achieve my dream body.”

Peta - Notting Hill