The result of modern life is that our bodies get over stimulated, tight, stiff and compressed.

Poor posture and alignment are the by product and have an adverse effect on our metabolism, digestion, energy levels, pain and overall wellness levels.

If this sounds familiar, join this fantastic workshop and roll away tension, stress and congestion and improve alignment and suppleness in your body, which will completely rejuvenate your mind, body and even soul.

The goal of this jam packed workshop is to improve your posture, reduce tension in your body, diminish pain, feel calmer and restore your entire body by using foam roller sequences:

  • each designed for a specific part of your body that help to heal acute and chronic pain
  • helping you look and feel taller, plus more confident by tremendously improving your alignment and posture
  • helping you relax your body, de-stress your mind and calm your nervous system
  • putting emphasis on decompressing the joints, hydrating your tissue and boasting
  • your lymphatic system

Click here to book your place(s) at the Foam Roller Workshop

Sunday 2nd February, 9.30 – 11.30am – £26

Penny Jones Pilates
Suffolk Food Hall
Peppers Lane

Saturday 14th March, 10am – 12pm- £26

Pilates Works 4 U
Kersey Mill