Vitality Mama – postnatal recovery workshop.

This workshop is for new mums (babies welcome) and those whose little ones aren’t that little anymore. The impacts of pregnancy, labour and birth can last many years, so if you’re feeling not quite right in your body after giving birth however long ago, please join us! Being a mum is perhaps the best job in the world (says she who has a raging toddler and teething baby, but still loving it!), but also a very demanding time physically. We’ll be looking at your core as a whole and retraining it so it’s switched on and all it’s elements work together. This practical workshop is packed with breathing work, pelvic floor training to avoid leaking, diastasis recti assessment and functional movements, that you can use every single day and that will help you to be the physically strongest mum you can be. We’ll also look at releasing tight areas (yes, there is such a thing as feeding shoulders, mummy thumb, sling wearing induced lower back pain) with self help massage strategies. You’ll get so much out of this workshop, whichever stage of mamahood you’re in!

Contact SooPilates to find out more and to book your place(s) at the workshop.

Saturday 26th Oct 10am – 12pm – £25

Vida House,
The Three Tuns,
IP13 0HW

“I loved my one to one sessions with Tina. I learnt a lot about my posture, mainly what I can do to improve it. I also felt and saw real results after my first session. Pilates is now an integral part of my life and it’s such a great way to achieve my dream body.”

Peta - Notting Hill